05 June 2014

Engage with and satisfy your customers and they will add value to your business, as Johnson & Johnson Vision Care's own experience shows

Customers who are 'promoters' scoring nine or 10 out of 10 to the question: 'Would you recommend Johnson & Johnson Vision Care to others?' are, on average, worth more than half as much again to our business than those who are 'passive'. Score highly with your own customers and you too could benefit, says Customer Experience Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa Alenka Ward.

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are a key indicator of customer relationships and business health. The question, 'Would you recommend this company to your friend/colleague?' probes both dimensions of loyalty - those we judge with our heads (features, services, price) and those we judge with our hearts (feeling valued, listened to, this company shares my values).

Customers scoring 9 or more on the 0-10 scale are 'promoters', while those scoring 7 or 8 are 'passives' and scores of 6 and below indicate 'detractors'. Promoters have important characteristics which drive sustainable business growth - they're known to be highly valuable, loyal customers who spend more, have higher retention rates and, most importantly, tell their family, friends and colleagues about their great experiences. This positive word of mouth drives additional customers who, in turn, are more likely to be loyal.

Enduring relationships

Customers' view of your practice is informed by the products and services they receive, and the people who deliver these products and services. Each time a customer engages with the practice is an opportunity to drive a positive experience and build a strong and enduring relationship with that customer.

  • Stop and think about a company you would talk about or promote to your friends and colleagues?
  • What were the experiences that made you want to recommend this company?
  • What made this company stand out for you so that you felt proud to be associated with it?

In the same way, the experience you give to your own customers as a practitioner enables you to differentiate yourself from others so that your customers keep wanting to come back to you and also tell others about their positive experiences.

Listen and learn

NPS is just one measure we use to listen to and learn from our customers' feedback, which equally you can apply to your business as part of a customer satisfaction survey - an opportunity for you to listen carefully to your customers and respond to their needs.

Here are just a few more ideas to consider:
  • Carry out a benchmarking exercise to see how your customers rate you against key points of contact with your practice. Then draw up and agree a plan with the whole practice team to continually improve your customer offering.
  • Hold a customer services week to drive positive interactions with your customers and celebrate employees who strive for excellence.
  • Introduce a recognition scheme to encourage staff to share their stories with the practice team on how they have personally delighted customers. Ask each team member, 'What have you done today to make you feel proud?'
We value our customer focus

At Johnson & Johnson Vision Care our teams across Europe interact with thousands of customers each day, in fact we have over 1 million customer service interactions every year. Focusing on our customers is a fundamental element of our Credo and our business model - by continually striving to listen to our customers and delight them through our product and service offerings, we have grown a strong, loyal customer base. Thank you for your support and allowing us to listen to your feedback.