10 June 2014

Contact lenses are driving more growth than any other category of vision correction and have the potential to attract many more wearers as part of a complementary package of vision care products

These are just some of the insights revealed in The Vision Project, a Europe-wide study by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, manufacturer of ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses, aimed at understanding customer needs and delivering the many valuable benefits of contact lens wear to more of the vision-corrected population.

The project brings together more than five years of research and identifies three drivers for growing the total vision correction category: complete vision care, the right product and lifetime engagement. Attracting and converting customers to contact lens wear, and retaining them, are the key challenges, the report says.

Among the findings are:
  • Contact lenses and care products are growing at more than twice the rate of ophthalmic lenses in value share.1 Nearly a third (31%) of the 190 million vision-corrected in Europe are potential new wearers who are considering contact lenses, more than double the proportion of current users (15%).2
  • Most spectacle wearers (78%) are dissatisfied with wearing glasses alone and often go without their vision correction.3 In most countries very few contact lens wearers only wear contact lenses, and 'dual wear' benefits both your patients and your practice.4
  • Two-thirds of contact lens considers don't feel well informed about contact lenses and three in four (76%) want their practitioner to give them more contact lens information.5 Nearly half of lens wearers are 'health driven' (46%), and only about one in eight (13%) are driven by price.6
  • ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses have the highest prompted awareness of all contact lens brands3 and are rated best by eye care professionals for performance, comfort and health.7 More practitioners wear ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses than any other brand.8
What the experts say...
Alenka Ward

“Within Johnson & Johnson Vision Care we have industry-leading insights,” says Customer Experience Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa Alenka Ward.

“The Vision Project draws together these valuable insights and makes recommendations on how to drive business growth in your practice. It was created with a 100% focus on our customers.”

Glasgow optometrist Peter Ivins adds, “Understanding what drives the contact lens market and the needs of consumers is a complex matter. The Vision Project brings together a wealth of research and identifies some simple strategies to grow the value that contact lenses bring to our businesses. As a practitioner, it's gratifying to see initiatives of this type and demonstrates the long-term commitment that a market leader like Johnson & Johnson has to supporting the profession and growing the category.”

Read an overview of The Vision Project here.

About the surveys 1Internal analysis using independent third parties data 2012 (Germany, Italy, France, Spain). 2Independent market research conducted online in 2013 across 14 European markets and Russia, and internal estimates. 3Online surveys conducted by Millward Brown in July 2012 on behalf of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care among 2,090 consumers wearing spectacles but not contact lenses and 8,047 contact lens wearers in four countries (Germany, Italy, Poland and Russia). 4Dual wearer research conducted online in five countries, including the UK, with a total base of 9,208 contact lens wearers. 5Shopper Segmentation Study 2012 conducted online by Millward Brown in EMA (excluding UK) among 717 contact lens considerers. 6AMR Shopper Segmentation Study conducted online in July 2012 by Millward Brown in five countries (Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia and UK) among 9,208 contact lens wearers. 7Shopper Segmentation Study 2012 EMA (excluding UK) among 849 contact lens wearers and 719 ECPs.8Survey conducted in 2012 by Millward Brown among 840 eye care professionals who wear contact lenses, in seven countries (France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain and UK).

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