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All orders will be consolidated every day with a 6pm cut off. No minimum order is required. Please see below for specific delivery information and charges.


Revenue orders

  • All revenue orders to practice will be shipped by courier and delivered in two to three working days*
  • All revenue deliveries of SEK 450 or more will be delivered free of charge
  • Revenue deliveries below SEK 450 will incur a handling fee of SEK 34 for telephone orders and SEK 27 for Internet orders

* Subject to stock and credit approval.

Diagnostic lens orders will either be:

  • Shipped with revenue orders by courier, or;
  • Where no revenue orders are placed in that same week; diagnostic only orders will be shipped on Friday and will not incur a delivery charge


Special or 'direct to patient' orders

  • Special or urgent deliveries specifically requested by the customer shall be subject to an additional postage fee of SEK 150
  • Direct to patient orders will be shipped first class Royal Mail and charged a standard fee of SEK 29
  • Subject to stock and credit approval.

The goods shall be at the risk of the customer upon delivery and the customer shall be responsible for insuring the goods for their full value from that time onwards.