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ACUVUE® returns policy

Johnson and Johnson Vision will accept returned products provided they meet the criteria outlined in our terms and conditions:

Lenses purchased directly from Johnson & Johnson Vision can be returned for credit provided that they are received back in their original unopened packaging, free of stickers, marks or any other type of package alterations.

Please provide the reason for the return on the shipping documents or using our returns form available below or through a Johnson & Johnson Vision representative.

Returns of 100 boxes or more need to be authorised by a Johnson & Johnson Vision representative. The company will not accept returns of Diagnostic Lenses or made to order specialty packs. For more details on our returns policy please refer to the Johnson & Johnson Vision Terms and Conditions.


Please note: all products received that do not meet the criteria for credit will be destroyed.


Returns process

To return products within 28 days of ordering, use the ACUVUE® returns form. For returns after 28 days of ordering, please contact customer service on telephone 020-160 5663 or via email [email protected].  The reason for returning the product must be provided. The form can be obtained from customer services. Johnson & Johnson Vision Companies will, upon receipt and inspection of the returned goods, issue a credit based on the original purchase price of the product.