Which of your patients are silently suffering?


The challenges for contact lens wearers

Spherical, toric and multifocal contact lens wearers all face unique challenges over a lifetime of wear.

  • Spherical patients – especially those in some basic hydrogel lenses – are still at risk of dropping out due to discomfort
  • Astigmatic patients in traditional ballast-design toric lenses may deal with unstable vision on a daily basis
  • Emerging presbyopes may be missing the opportunity to make the transition into multifocal contact lenses earlier and easier


Market research

Extensive patient research tells us that patient-reported satisfaction with lenses does not predict likelihood to stay in lenses. In fact, while over 90% of patients state that they are satisfied with contact lenses, almost one in five are considering dropping out, with comfort as the primary reason.1,


Older technology hydrogel lens patients are particularly at risk


Patients in older technology hydrogel materials are more likely to discontinue contact lens wear than silicone hydrogel lens wearers.2 Many contact lens wearers over 30 are in older technology monthly hydrogel lenses3 and are at particular risk of drop out, especially since this population tends to require more comfortable materials for their eyes.

Dr Robin Chalmers' study shows that contact lens wearers from ages 18 to 35 wearing basic, older technology hydrogel materials report an increasing struggle with contact lens wear and express more problems due to feelings of dryness and discomfort compared to silicone hydrogel wearers.3

Ensuring comfortable contact lens wear is key to help minimise drop outs. Recommending existing wearers of basic hydrogel contact lenses try newer hydrogel materials that utilise technology to enhance comfort through the use of wetting agents, or silicone hydrogel materials could help to improve their comfort.


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